Friday, August 7, 2009

The Song

The song that I sing
Was a song that I knew,
I sang it again
And I thought then of you.

Of the sweet love we had
On that night long ago,
And I saw your dear face
In the song’s after-glow.

Then I heard again
And the chorus was true,
For the love I had then
Now came back anew.

It is sweeter by far
Than the song that we knew,
For I found you again
And the song has come true

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Promise of Dawn

The dawn was breaking in the east,
The world was coming back to life,
To pain and sorrow, rest and strife;
The noise of night things all had ceased.

The dawn, all rosy, full of joy,
From over the hills and far away,
Was coming with its gift of warmth;
Our souls sang out a tender lay.

Were it not for the promise of dawn,
We might stay chilled from the night,
But we know its blessed coming
Its promise of life and light.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Good-bye

This much to you I’ll say- the darlings of my heart-

That though I’ll be away, we’ll not be far apart;

For though I’ll leave you for a time, or if I stay,

Mother love like mine can never go away.

Believe my love is standing by your side,

Whether good or ill may in your life abide.

Believe I’m near, and think the best you may,

For darling girls, my love can never go away.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Wish

I wish that I had been a bird,
A snow-bird would be best of all,
Then I would sit up in a tree
And stay right through from spring ‘till fall.

I’d sit up in the branches high
And hear the wind a-wailing by.
And feel the snow-flakes downward fall,
And oh, I know I’d love it all.

I’d see the sun a-shining bright
O’er meadows, making mellow light.
At night, when moonbeams crystal shone,
I’d hide away ‘till dark had flown.

I’d see the trees and fields snow-bound
And watch the ice king track around.
Then, when the spring’s warm breeze would blow,
I’d stay to see old winter go.